Correct Allergies In Seconds . . .

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NUTRITIONAL PRECEPTORSHIP PROGRAM  presents David Rowland... David Rowland is a leading edge innovator in natural medicine. He is the founder of the Edison Institute of Nutrition, owner of The Results Company, and the creator of the Vitamost nutritional products and the unique Advanced Nutri-BodyŽ Analysis. He is an educator and the author of many books and articles.


Every ailment has an mental/emotional component that either causes it or aggravates it , or prevents it from healing.

  • All disharmony and all disease are caused by resisting the Life Force. Therefore, all healing requires - and all that it requires - is letting go of resistance.
  • Discover which kinds of resistance contribute specifically to conditions such as adrenal stress, bodily pain, cancer, digestive weaknesses, hypothyroidism, and heart disease.
  • Learn how to facilitate every kind of healing by instantly releasing specific resistances.
  • Pain levels can be reduced in minutes. Phobias and allergies can totally disappear, also within minutes.
DATE: Wednesday, May 26, 2010
WHEN: 6:45 pm  
WHERE: 5120 Yonge Street (at Park Home)
North York Public Library & City Centre Memorial Hall (Concourse Level)
COST: $20.00 at the door  
REGISTRATION: Please reserve in advance by contacting Gilda Rovan  
  Phone: 905 737-0078
FLYER: Click to view flyer  


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