Mind-Body Healing Testimonials

Victim No More

"I was born in South America and lived there until I was 31 years old. I was raped when I was only 17.  That was the first time I had sex. Since then I have spent my life on medical and psychiatric treatments, feeling depressed with panic attacks, fear of men and very low self-esteem.

"I felt so guilty for what happened that I couldn't tell anyone about it, because I wouldn't have support from anybody.  I didn't want to expose my problem and be judged by the authorities and police, which would have been devastating to me.  I kept it as a secret for a year, during which time I became very sick and emotional disturbed.

"I couldn't forgive myself, the man that raped me, or even my parents who condemned me for having sex.  I was incapable of having good feelings for men, because I was too attached to the past.  For years, I felt so bad for being a woman.  I unconsciously resisted changing the emotional state, which brought me a lot of emotional and physical pain and unhappiness.

"Becoming conscious of my emotions and blockages made my mind and body free of pain.  I used my inner power to forgive myself, and others, allowing myself to release the memories and emotional blocks -- with Dr. Rowland's help.  By using his technique in my daily life, I have encountered the possibility of a different reality.  My state of consciousness will now create my world.

"Thank you very much Dr. Rowland !  It was so great and unique to meet you.  I can’t describe with words what you did for me."

 Lais Vescia, Mississauga, Ontario        



Most Practical & Profound

“I enjoyed your seminar in Toronto in October 2005.  The seminar was interesting and informative, and I felt invigorated at the end of the weekend.  I felt it was the most practical & profound mind-body seminar that I have ever attended. 

“One of the interesting results utilizing your technique was for a patient who wanted to quit smoking.  After performing work on him for allergies and addictions, he reported a few days later that his urge to smoke and have sweets had gone down significantly – but what amazed me even more was what he said next.  He had had problems with gambling for the past five years (unbeknownst to me), and after his last session at my office he felt he had full control over himself, as his urge to gamble was no longer evident.  I thanked him for sharing and explained to him that an addiction is an addiction, and as we work on the root cause, the effect works on all addictions.

“My hip is feeling better (running injury we addressed at the seminar).  It feels more mobile.  I look forward to attending your advanced seminar.  Yours in Health,”

-                                                                                    Vincent Campo, DC



Phobia Gone, Dyslexia Improved, Scar Better

"Thank you for a very informative and healing class. My experiences were very healing. I want to share some of my results."

"My phobia about heights is now history. I used to freak out going over high bridges. It’s now a piece of cake. I can look around and not feel sick or scared. Even though I have not climbed a tree, the thought doesn’t make me nauseated or scared any more."

"I worked on dyslexia I HAD when one of the participants was on the table as a demo. I am much, much better. I don’t get tired when reading and I am enjoying reading and reading for a long time at a time. My focus is much improved, my writing is flowing easily, and I can think. It’s amazing because I did my own clearing while you worked with someone else."

"The third thing is, even though I said I was doing this class for me, I have used it with clients and getting very good results. I worked on a 2-year old scar. It’s now much smaller, soft and the adhesions are gone. I can still see the scar, but it looks good."

"Thank you. Peace, David."

   Chipo Shambare, Ottawa       




Self Empowerment

"I took a Universal Technique® workshop with David Rowland in 1988 and have not stopped using its method of healing. At first it took a conscious effort and concentration. Eventually it became an automatic response as well as becoming continuously more effective.

"At that time I took an early retirement due to ill health. I recovered enough to take on another full time job and am now enjoying a very healthy and active second retirement.

"Many thanks to David for passing on this empowering tool."

Joy Allan, McKellar, Ontario   



Fibroids & Menstrual Pain Gone

"Something very traumatic happened to me: I discovered that the man with whom I had been living for seven years -- and to whom I had been married for four years -- had been having an affair with my friend for the year before we were married. When I found out, I didn't want to face it, so blocked it out of my mind. I didn't tell anyone -- I guess I was ashamed, maybe humiliated, so I kept it inside. That is when I started to get skin problems. At one point I had eczema-like rash over much of my body. The doctors (even specialists) could not find a cause for it. Looking back, I  think it was all the repressed emotion that I didn't allow myself to feel. The skin problem finally cleared up (although I was really sick for awhile), but then I started to have extremely painful periods and even pain during intercourse. I went for numerous tests - ultra sound, etc.; and they discovered fibroids and a lot of scar tissue, so the doctor scheduled a D & C.

"I released some blocks about the trauma and felt a lot better emotionally. I didn't think about any physical changes, but looking back it was after the release that I had a period with almost no pain. I still had the D & C; but at my post-op appointment, the doctor could not feel any new fibroids; and I have had very light and pain free periods since. I did have fibroids removed several times before over the years (by laparoscopic surgery), but they always grew back within a month or two. The last time I went to my doctor it was eight months after the surgery and everything was still fine. I am scheduled for another ultrasound next week but I really don't think they will find anything."

Ann Fournier, Barrie, Ontario   


No More Panic Attacks

"The Mind-Body Healing workshop changed my life.  At age 44, I was a perfectionist with no time to be one – the result being severe self-esteem issues and debilitating panic attacks.  My husband and I successfully run our own business from home and have two very busy children.  For fun, I am a trained pilot and fly as a flight attendant.  Seven years ago, I suffered a stroke that the doctors couldn’t explain.

"I voluntarily grounded myself when the panic attacks became unbearable.  They would begin with pain in my back that would squeeze my diaphragm like a tight metal band.  Once this started, the terror would rise in pitch until my body went into spasms.  Because I continually felt I couldn’t breathe, I became claustrophobic – not only in rooms but also in traffic.  If I went to the store, I felt I would faint before I got to the cashier.  I couldn’t eat and lost 33 pounds and was still losing by the time I found the information on the Universal Technique® workshop.  I walked the block at night because the terror was worst then and the cool air felt good, but sometimes I was so dizzy I could only walk back and forth in front of the house.  My loving husband felt helpless, so he spent hours just holding me while I cried.  The doctors had nothing in their bag of tricks except the standard anti-depressants.  I knew that I wasn’t depressed for any other reason than I wanted my life back, and no one could help me do that.  I tried the anti-depressants for a short time only to satisfy the doctors but knew in my heart that wasn’t the problem.  

"Fortunately, a close friend helped me get back on the plane and traveled with me to Toronto to the Universal Technique® class.  The best way that I can describe the method is that it is both extremely powerful and empowering at the same time.  I can actually feel the weight being lifted off my body after releasing the blocks.  I also had a lot of back pain; and upon releasing the blocks in my spine, I can feel the movement and the release there also.

"I have been taught over the years that the mind is the leader and have often been told that I must change the way I think regarding myself and my surroundings; easy to say, very difficult to accomplish when those beliefs have been there since childhood.  Until the Mind-Body Healing workshop, I had no way to do that except with the use of positive thinking and years of affirmations.  I still think positive, but if you really want to get well, the Universal Technique® teachings will be the quickest thing in your arsenal.  All they could teach me in the hospital was how to cope.  I didn’t want to cope; I wanted to be well.  Thanks to your years of research and your willingness to show others, I finally have the ideal tool in my back pocket.  I no longer keep medication with me 24/7 just in case I have an attack that overwhelms me.  I can use the method discretely anytime, anywhere, any day. 

"I can also cheerfully report that when I returned from the workshop, I didn’t realize until we had arrived that I hadn’t even thought twice about getting on the airplane and have not suffered a panic attack since.  I used to use anti-psychotic drugs every night to sleep and haven’t used them since my return home.  Once I feel I want to return to the airline, I have been asked to teach an “afraid to fly” program.  I plan to teach others how to use this powerful tool so that it, in turn, can help others that have been restrained in their bodies for years, be able to lead more free, more full and enjoyable lives.  Thank you so much."

Brenda Welyk, Calgary, AB    


Allergy Gone, Back Improved

"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend your workshop. I found it very helpful. It was very timely, as things have a way of confirming and lining up at the right times in one's life.

"I appear to have cleared my soy allergy, to the best of my knowledge. Along with my dairy and wheat intolerances, I believe the soy was making me dizzy. Doesn't seem to happen now.

"But best of all, after tissue and emotional release work along my spine, I felt rested and as though my back was breathing better; and I could lie more comfortably immediately afterward. By Monday at work pain started to return in different ways and my chiropractic adjustment was quite average for me. However, the following weekend I released electro-magnetic blocks along my spine. I felt as though my lower arms and sections of my back hung heavier...i.e. as though my centre of gravity had changed. I felt as though I was more balanced. I continue to have adjustments but still have a better sense of overall balance. This is a wonderful sensation for me as I have a longstanding back curvature.

"Also, this approach to counseling...owning and giving permission to release, and the different cues are refreshingly useful...for myself mostly; and I am happy to share the concept with my friends.

"Thank you for teaching us your long learned methods."

Janice R. Hess, Parry Sound, Ontario   




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