Seven Levels of Mastery  
7. Being (Intention)
  Realizing Oneness. Freedom. Grace  
6. Awareness of Being (Attention)
  Experiencing yourself as Life living through your  
  physical reality. Being Present  
5. Living Observer of your Life (Intention)
  Being the Observer of your physical reality.  
  Accepting all your experiences , including any  
  that you once may have considered negative.  
  Letting go of expectations. Becoming Present.  
4. Dissolving Beliefs (Attention)
  Awareness of yourself as the Master Creator of  
  your experience. Non-judgment. Letting go of  
  subjectivity. Forgiveness.  
3. Healing Deepest Wound (Intention)
  Identifying and Healing your deepest wound, a  
  core perception that has most profoundly affected  
  your experience of yourself and your life.  
2. Subconscious Patterns become Conscious (Attention)
  Awareness and insight into the past of this life  
  and of our past lives. Remembering and dissolving  
  accumulated pain from the past.  
1. Releasing Blocks (Intention)
  Mind-Body Healing. Identifying and releasing  
  mental/emotional blocks. Dramatically facilitating  
  the healing process.  


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