Invitation to Heal Yourself

by David W. Rowland


This is a message about love and healing – but mostly about love, for without love true healing is impossible.

Healing is the re-membering of your own wholeness.  It is the perfect realignment of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  You can realize your full potential as a being expressing through a physical form.  You can live free from diseases, worry, and all other obstacles to the enjoyment of your life.  You can activate your inner healing power to bring you the health and happiness you long for.

Who You Are
You are not who you seem to be.  You have a body composed of blood, skin, bone, sinew, and internal organs – but you are much more than that.  Your physical body is a projection of a much bigger you that comes from a place of spirit.  You exist first in spirit, or Source.

You have come to this earth, at this time, to experience who you are.  From spirit you project your energy through a physical form to learn what it feels like to occupy and direct an organism composed of relatively dense matter.  You have, it seems, separated a part of your energy from the rest of you in order to have this experience.  It was your plan to gain greater appreciation of your own wholeness by viewing it from a place of separation – just as you have a greater appreciation for food after having experienced hunger.

In expressing yourself through the denser medium of a physical body, there is a strong temptation to believe that the physical you is all there is.  Not so.  The physical you is but the last, outward manifestation of the spiritual you who exists in complete union with all that is.  Your apparent separation is really an individuation of Source.  You are Life itself.

All of the suffering you have ever had has been because you felt disconnected in some way – from yourself, from others, from Source, or from life in general.  Yet, you have never truly been disconnected or cut off.  You have been living an illusion as if it were real.  The more energy you gave to this illusion, the more powerful it became in creating hardship and frustration.

To be separate and to be disconnected are not the same.  You are no more disconnected from Source than your foot is disconnected from the rest of your body – or than a branch is disconnected from the rest of the tree.

Each day you create your own experience of reality according to how you perceive it.  You have been given the free will to choose your own conscious understanding.  To the extent you choose to believe the illusion of disconnection, you will experience fear, rejection and suffering.  To the extent that you choose to see your connection to all that is, you will experience love, joy and peace.  This is one meaning of the phrase, “you reap what you sow”.  Your thoughts create your experience of reality.

You are spirit manifesting in a physical form.  If your life is not the way you wish it to be, then discover how to open yourself to embrace more of your spiritual energy.

May you experience the fullness of Life in all that you do.  This blessing can be yours, to the extent you choose it.

Be Who You Are
You were created by Life and you are Life itself.  And Life can express fully through you, in every moment – if you choose to let it do so.

You are uniquely yourself.  All of your thoughts, words and deeds are unique expressions of Life, although you are not always aware of them as being so.

You can be more of who you are by allowing your deepest feelings to come to the surface, to acknowledge and express them – without judgment or condition of any kind.  This is the way Life loves you – exactly as you are.  Love yourself in that same way.

You never had a feeling that was wrong or bad.  All of your feelings are part of your nature as a human being.  They are neither good nor bad.  They just are.

Whenever you deny a feeling, stifle it, ignore it or try to change it into something else, you cut yourself off from yourself.  You make a part of your own nature inaccessible.  You create a barrier to experiencing fully who you are.  This barrier restricts the flow of Life that is you and would come through you.  All you need to do to experience more of your own essence is to let go of the barrier.  Get to know yourself as you are.  Allow what is already there to flow freely.

You have often judged yourself.  You have considered things that you have thought, felt or done to be bad, unworthy, or cause for shame.  These judgments have limited your actions and expression, have stirred up emotions of guilt and inadequacy, and have prevented you from experiencing your full self.

You have a body that yearns for activity, emotions that yearn to be experienced, a mind that yearns to understand, and a spirit that yearns to be expressed in fullness through your body, emotions and mind.  Listen to each of these aspects of your nature and allow each its full place – without ignoring any one of them – without sacrificing one for the sake of another.  Especially, let go of who you think you are (or who you think you should be) and allow yourself to feel who you really are.

You are Energy
The way in which spirit activates your body is through a network of multidimensional, interrelated energy systems.  Your body may appear to be solid substance, yet it is energy.  That which we call matter is really energy of a slower moving, denser vibration that the lighter energies that are invisible to the human eye.  As physics teaches, matter is one expression of energy and is related according to the equation, E = mc2.

You are truly a being of energy, completely one and unified.  Your spirit, which is of a very high vibrational frequency, extends itself into progressively lower energetic frequencies until it ultimately manifests the physical form through which you experience on this, the earth plane.  Your body is thus the furthermost extension and expression of your spirit.

You Create Your Own Experience
The energy that flows to you and through you is Life itself – as it comes to and through all others and all forms of existence everywhere.  We are all one in spirit, regardless of the individual form each of us may take.

You do not always experience the oneness that is yours, however.  That is because you have the freedom to choose your own thoughts, beliefs and reactions.  You are not able to change your true essence, but you can resist its natural flow.  By so doing you are unaware of that which is and believe that it is not.

What you believe becomes true for you.  Once you create or accept a thought as your own, it directs you accordingly.  It has the power to affect your emotional and bodily responses, as well as to shift your mental focus into or away from a particular direction.  If, for example, you do not believe that you are entitled to what you want in life, you will not be motivated to go after it.  Each letdown you experience reinforces your feelings of futility and hopelessness.  Although there may be pain and frustration, there will also be comfort and predictability in knowing your world is consistent with the way you see it.  If, on the other hand, you believe that you can get what you want if you go after it, you will assert yourself even in the face of adversity.  Each letdown you encounter only gives you more resolve to find what works.

Others tend to support you in your beliefs.  You feel good about those who share your ideas.  It feels good to be with them and to reinforce each others’ view of life.  Also, others may share with you only those ideas to which you are receptive, keeping conflicting ones hidden from you.  Others reflect back to you that which you wish to see.

No matter what belief you hold, you will draw evidence to support it.  Each thought has an energy frequency of its own – and a physiological response in the body.  By means of energetic resonance, like thoughts attract like thoughts.  You are thus the creator of your own experience of the universe.  Ultimately you decide, consciously or by default, what you do and how things affect you.  Whatever you decide, the universe supports you in that choice by giving you feedback consistent with it.

Every experience assists you in some way.  None is truly wasted.  Everything you have ever done has taken you to where you are now and has helped you reach the level of awareness you now have.  Even the pain and suffering you felt along the way has helped you to see things more clearly and to resolve to make different choices in future.

You live in a world of polarities or opposites – night and day, hot and cold, male and female, health and sickness, love and fear, joy and suffering, wealth and poverty, and so on.  You came here to experience those differences.  You can choose to learn from one side of the coin or the other, so to speak.  There is no judgment here.  If you have been in a rut for a very long time, you know everything there is to know about that rut.  You may know it so well that you need never return to it, should you decide to leave it.  And whether you stay in that rut or not, Life loves you exactly as you are.  The challenge is for you to love yourself in the same way!

Being the creator of your own experience gives you the power to make change whenever you are ready.  It does not matter how long you have held a particular belief and its associated patterns, you can let go of it whenever you wish.  At any time you can open your awareness to more of your true Self.

Create a New Experience
To change any aspect of your life is as easy (and as difficult) as changing the belief that created it.  The beliefs that have served you well to this point have been given life through years of practice and reinforcement.  They have been powerful agents in creating your present life situation.  To change them takes courage, patience and self-love – and the knowledge that change is possible.

It helps to look at specific beliefs as either accepting or resisting.  The more you accept things as they are, the more you open yourself to the Life that is yours.  The more you resist what is, the more you diminish your personal power and lessen your opportunity to create whatever you wish.

Acceptance means recognizing and embracing the fact that things are the way they are in any particular moment and in that moment couldn’t be otherwise.  It does not mean consenting to anything with which you do not agree.  Nor does acceptance of anything imply that you cannot change it.  In fact, the opposite is true.  It is only when we accept what is that we are able to see with clarity what it is that we wish to change.  “Whatever we accept we move beyond; whatever we resist we stay stuck in.” (Eckhart Tolle)

Resistance takes many forms, all of which involve some form of denial.  Not expressing a feeling that is there, trying not to think about something, wishing things  were not so, refusing to look at certain issues, not being honest with yourself about your true feelings, accepting less than you really want, sacrificing what is important to you for the sake of someone else – all of these are forms of denial.  All of these restrict the flow of your own energy and prevent you from experiencing more of who You truly are.

Sometimes denial comes in clever disguises.  The “power of positive thinking” is one.  Ignoring the “negative” in your life and dwelling on the “positive” is a prescription for denying very real thoughts, feelings and issues.  It is a way of attempting to hide what you don’t like.  Its effect is to cut you off from a very important part of yourself.  Nothing is in itself either good or bad.  It is only your interpretation that makes it so.  Everything just is.  When life give you lemons you can make lemonade – but first you have to realize that you have lemons.

Stubbornness, for example, can be seen as a “bad” quality when someone uses it to prevent you from getting what you want – or it can be seen as a “good” quality when you use it to defend a cause in which you strongly believe.  Stubbornness itself is neutral.  It just is.

It is tempting to try to restrict emotions that you experience as negative or threatening.  Your emotions, however, have a life of their own.  Stifling their natural expression does not obliterate them; it simply causes them to express in different ways.  Fear that is held back can come out in the form of guilt, anger, anxiety, or apathy.  Anger that is stifled can manifest as resentment, criticism, or hatred.  Grief that is blocked can turn into depression.  And all stifled emotions can create physical diseases.

The only way to truly contain an emotion is to give it all the room it needs.  Your emotions and feelings give you important feedback about your life.  Those that are thwarted or blocked continue to beg for your attention, one way or another, until you get the message.  Emotions can seek their own level only if they are accepted, embraced and then released.

That which you resist has power over you.  The more you try to hold back a part of yourself, the more effort and energy you expend in maintaining the barricade – and the more vigilant you need to be to keep the issue from surfacing in other ways.  It becomes difficult to relax and be yourself, because being yourself is what your blocks are striving so hard to prevent.  When you come to the place of accepting everything as it is, then nothing can hold power over you or block or drain your energy.  You will then be able to experience yourself and all of life from a place of wholeness.

In your pain, hardship or disease, look for the message that is trying to be heard.  Instead of resisting the experience, see what you can learn from it.  Let it guide you to a new understanding of yourself.  Let your suffering tell you if changes are needed in your life.

How You Restrict Your Energy
Every time you resist a part of yourself, you create a block or restriction in your energy field.  To acquire many blocks over a lifetime is part of the human process.  It is as natural as breathing, sleeping or eating.  All of your blocks serve you in some way.  You have chosen them to screen out influences that you perceive as threatening, to limit your attention to those issues you are ready to deal with, and to maintain comfort and predictability in your life.

You first create a block in your energy field, then the consequences of it eventually follow to the cellular level of the body.  Each block restricts the natural flow of energy.  Where it is placed in your energy field determines how much of your functioning it can ultimately affect.

You may, for example, place blocks in your meridians in an attempt to protect parts of your body that have been traumatized by physical injury or which are perceived as being vulnerable in some way.  Tissues that do not receive all of the energy they require, however, do not thrive as well as they otherwise could.  They may heal very slowly, they may not receive all of the nutrients they require, and they may not be able to dispose of their waste products efficiently.

Blocks intended to protect the physical body are often motivated by blocks at higher levels of the energy field, such as the emotional layer of the aura.  For example, blocks related to emotional issues, such as fear of pain, may have prompted the perceived need to create further blocks at bodily tissue levels.  The ironic consequence is that tissues that is blocked is more vulnerable to injury and pain – exactly that which was feared in the first place.  Through your blocks, you actually draw to yourself that which you fear.  Like attracts like.

You could also have blocks concerning mental issues, such as refusing to consider ideas that conflict with your own – which, in turn, can be motivated by blocked emotional issues, such as fear of being wrong or fear of being rejected.

Blocks created anywhere in your energy field can affect any level of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  For example, not feeling worthy can motivate you to block emotional issues, such as fear of disapproval, fear of being wrong, guilt, fear of being punished, fear of not being loved, and so on – which, in turn, can lead you to limit what you believe you are capable of and entitled to – and can affect your ability to ward off disease and accidents.

Since all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life are connected and related, you do not build single blocks.  Rather, one block leads to another, and then others, and even more – in an attempt to confine the issues wherever it may arise.

When you realize that your energy comes from your spirit through your mind and emotions until it reaches your physical body, you will see that your blocks have a hierarchical structure.  Those at higher levels affect the levels below.  Discomfort, pain or disease of your physical body is the direct or indirect result of blocks chosen at mental/emotional levels – that, in turn, are the result of blocking the expression of your spirit in some way.

The higher the level you can reach in uncovering the blocks that have created any condition you wish to change, the more significant and permanent changes you can make.  Making change only at the physical level may provide relief from symptoms but does not go directly to the cause.  Many have cured an ailment only to have it or another appear again.  That is because they have done nothing to change the deeper, spiritual issues that are ultimately the true cause.

The highest level blocks that eventually filter down and influence every level and layer are those that limit your spiritual connection to Source. Chief among these are the issues of knowing self, loving self, loving others, and being loved.  If you wish to make lasting change in your life, then go to the source.  Let your pain and suffering point the way.

Increasing Awareness
In what you call your conscious state you are aware of only a small portion of what is happening with your spirit.  Your spirit is much larger than you know, and is always fully a part of Source.

Your spirit is actually a holographic projection of Life itself, in complete perfection.  In expressing through the denser vibrations of your physical form and personality, you lose awareness of the magnificence of the complete you.  This is both a necessary condition of being human and how you have chosen to experience Life.

Your openness or resistance to spirit is not a fixed condition.  At any time you have the ability either to increase your awareness or to build further resistance to the fuller you.  If you decide to release the barriers that limit your awareness, then each one you let go brings you closer to know your complete self in all of its magnificence.  You can choose a path of remembering who you are.



"What the mind has caused, the mind can correct"


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