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David Rowland responds to as many questions as his time allows. The questions and David's replies are published below, in reverse chronological order. Unless you specifically give permission to use your name, it will not be mentioned. Depending on the volume of inquiries received, not every question may be answered.

Q.  Is there any limitation on your mind-body healing method or any disease or body condition that cannot be healed by it?
There is no limit to what this healing method itself can do for eliminating the mental and emotional blocks that cause illness. The only limit is the willingness of the person to let go of the blocks.


Q.  Would it heal a disease or disability caused by a birth defect?
I have been able to correct defects in my own DNA using this method. If I can do this, so can others. Depending on the extent of physical deterioration that has taken place, complete recovery may not be possible. Even if the physical consequences of the defect cannot be overcome, the mind and emotions can be healed so that the defect has minimal impact on the rest of one's life.


Q.  I saw your introductory presentation and your healing method interests me greatly, but I am not sure what makes it work so quickly and deeply.
This method works so quickly and deeply because it eliminates the cause. You allowed yourself to acquire the block. Now you give yourself permission to take it away. Simple.


Q.  If people doubt the healing power of this mind-body healing method, would it work for them?
The method eliminates blocks just as surely as 2 + 2 = 4, whether a person believes it or not. If someone doubts that a particular release has worked, that doubt is itself a block which prevents them from experiencing the benefits of the release. When the person releases the block about doubting, then everything works for them.



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